Bathrooms, a very personal space

A very personal – and highly used – area, the bathroom must meet all the functional needs of your family and make you and your guests feel comfortable just to be in it. At Woodridge we can help you get it just right.

The quality of a bathroom is a must as this space demands comfort. We work hard at delivering an aesthetically pleasing space as it can be a major selling feature of a home, and an in-home oasis where you can escape and relax.

We follow strict code with bathrooms using only certified professionals to take care of electricity and plumbing to make sure it is safe and leak resistant. Extra precaution is taken to make your bathroom mold-resistant, a bathroom that will last you for years to come.

Woodridge Construction has mastered the art of selecting the best materials within your budget to create spaces that look and feel brilliant. Exchange your single sink for double sinks, integrate beautiful floor to ceiling tiling that will give your eyes a nice surprise each morning and night. Updated counter-tops and increased square footage in your bathroom can produce a tremendous difference in your level of relaxation as you refresh each day.

Have a Bathroom Renovation in Mind?