Your finished basement can be a place your family can live and grow in

There is a lot that can go into a basement renovation - your basement can be a beautiful, functional space. That is why we only work with qualified and certified specialists and use the latest techniques in the industry to provide our customers with the best basement renovations, that look great and last for years to come.

The design of the basement renovation highly revolves around the placement of duct work, furnace and the electrical panel, and Woodridge works with you to accomplish the best design according to your needs and the space requirements.

One of the top reasons to renovate your basement is that you can customize the space anyway you want it. The basement is a space that can be used for virtually anything. Add another bedroom, build a play room for your kids, transform it into a home office, or create a place to entertain guests. There are many possibilities.

Looking for ideas?

We are happy to help you come up with some concepts for how to best use your basement and turn it into a usable, comfortable space that becomes an extension of your home and your living space.

Woodridge Construction Inc. Home Renovations specializes in high quality basement renos. Turning that extra space into more than just a large storage and into a fully operational section of your house. A place where family, friends and yourself can relax and enjoy (or work, as the case may be!). When you search for a renovations and remodeling contractor to improve your home, the biggest concern is quality, which includes cleanliness, service and delivery of work on time without surprises or hidden costs. Woodridge Construction has made its name by always building to code and delivering the highest quality possible within your budget. Ask for our references, not just family and friends, but true satisfied customers.

Need help with a basement renovation?