Preparing for Your Home Renovation

So you have gone through the process of interviewing several home renovation companies, have chosen Woodridge Construction to do it for you and now you have a date and time the renovations are scheduled to start. Are there things you need to do to prepare yourself for the renovation? Yes! There are several things to do and know before a home renovation begins in your home, some things we do, others that you should keep in mind and prepare. So we have created a list that could help you be better prepared for your renovations.

What Woodridge does

At Woodridge Construction home renovations we take pride in making sure your home is protected from dust and dirt as much as possible.

We set up drop sheets on floors, tape down plastic in doorways and over heating vents and at the end of the work day, we do a full clean up of the work area to minimize dust.

We will also provide you with a renovation schedule and ask for certain information that will be needed throughout the project.

You can expect that our team will be courteous and professional. Please let us know how we are doing.

Last but not least, we normally put a sign on your front yard. Besides the promotion benefits for Woodridge, it also functions as a marker for our subcontractors and material deliveries to find the work site. This helps keep everything running smoothly and on time and preventing people getting lost or wasting time trying to find the right address.

What you need to prepare for your reno

  • Keys, alarm codes and access. It is important to give us a key or garage entry code to allow our team to enter your home when you are not home alleviating any disruption to your schedule. Granting us permission to enter when you are not home is important for us to work continuously and as effectively as possible to finish your renovation project as fast as possible.
  • Know your schedule. With the renovations schedule you can prepare accordingly and plan to be away the more disruptive portions of the remodeling. For example when particularly noisy or dusty work is being done.
  • Know our Working Hours. Our typical hours of work for renovations are 8:00am to 6:00pm. This means we will be working on your renovation during these hours.
  • Know Personal Safety. It is important that you understand and practice personal safety while in the work area, this means to wear proper personal protective equipment. We recommend not bringing friends and/or relatives through the area being renovated while we are working to avoid risks and avoid disrupting the work.
  • Protect your Children. Children are not allowed on any construction site. The reason is simple, construction sites are dangerous places for your children.
  • Remember your Pets. Renovations can be difficult for pets, producing stress and scaring them. Please let us know if your pet is allowed out or if it tends to escape and tell us which gates or doors must be kept closed at all times.
  • Consider Parking. Parking can become an issue if not planned ahead. Let us know if there are any restrictions to parking on your street so our team can take them into consideration. Keep in mind neighbours concerns and advise our team if any.

To help keep your home clean, we have some basic recommendations for you:

  • During the renovation, it is a good practice to change your furnace filter often as it will definitely be working overtime.
  • To protect your furniture, cover them with sheets. Remember to cover anything that may get damaged by dust.
  • Pack as many items as possible from your home that you won’t be using. Put them in boxes and seal them with tape or cover them with sheets to prevent dust, dirt and sawdust from falling on them.
  • Remember that vibrations may bring down items from walls. Remove pictures and mirrors in neighbouring rooms that could be affected by vibrations on the walls.
  • Cover or close vents if possible to minimize dust travelling through the house.
  • If possible, move any plants or trees outside to ensure they are not affected as well.

Built with Pride

Keep in mind that during a renovations your home becomes a worksite. Our team does their best to minimize all inconveniences possible. With good communication, patience and preparation, we can all ensure your renovations goes smoothly and on time.