Clean and safe working area, Home Renovations Burlington

Home renovations in Burlington can easily become a dirty job. If you’ve been through a remodeling project, you probably know that the demolition phase can produces a large amount of debris and dust. Most of our home renovation Burlington projects require us to start with demolition, usually of the whole area, which includes removing cabinets, plaster, flooring, concrete and even removing walls. It is also very frequent that our remodeling work happens while the client is still living in the house, so a clean, well-kept job site makes a big difference for our customers, this is why at Woodridge Construction Inc. we make cleanliness and order a priority.

Prevention is what makes keeping a clean working environment possible. Protection and containment ensure that the home remains in as best state as possible at all times. When starting a job, we review the job-site and determine the appropriate logistics for the job.

During our pre-job meetings, we discuss defining the areas of the house that the project may affect and strategies on how to isolate the work areas from the areas in use. In this discussions we often include an adjacent staging area to store work tools and materials that will be delivered and used for the project. On the first day of the renovation, we remove all furniture, rugs, paintings, and other delicate items from the working area. If the renovation area is upstairs, or far from an entry door, we will usually protect the floors, hallways, and stairs leading to it to prevent damage from the traffic during the duration of the project. Once exposed surfaces are protected, we set up plastic dust containment walls. Depending on the work being done, we block air vents through the working area to prevent dust from getting into the HVAC system. We may also turn the HVAC system off as necessary during different moments of the renovation.

The next most important part of maintaining a house clean during the course of a renovation project is the clean up process. Our team is responsible for the clean up in each of the jobs and they make sure that your home is left as clean as possible at the end of each day. Whenever required, the contained renovation area is swept and vacuumed and if dust does escape the plastic walls, we make sure it gets wiped down and vacuumed. Our team is also responsible for ensuring that the plumbers, electricians, and all other trade partners that contribute to the project adhere to the same standards of cleanliness. Once the remodel is complete, we remove all of the protection and containment materials and then do one last full cleaning of the area. On a larger renovation such as a full home renovation, we have the house professionally cleaned on the last day of the project. This comprehensive approach to protection and clean up ensures that your home remains clean and dust free throughout the renovation with Woodridge Construction, and is one of the many reasons our customers recommend us to their friends and family.